Argusa helps you become data-autonomous

There are no small or big clients, but tailored solutions to help you consistently improve the exploitation of your data

At Argusa, we work with a broad spectrum of clients. Argusa's services are adapted to their needs and respect the internal dynamics of the corporate structure. The diverse profile of team Argusa offers each client the reassurance of an adapted and agile solution.

We train your teams to dynamically and efficiently  exploit your digital data. Once the solutions are in place, the coaching of your team by our specialists will increase efficiency and autonomy in just a few days.

With Argusa, exploiting your data is easier than ever


Formal training sessions, tailor-made for the needs of your business

Create and manage a data culture at your company. Engage employees to use efficient tools in their day-to-day work. Strengthen the in-house knowledge with bespoke training sessions.


Technical guidance from our specialists, for individuals or small groups

Coaching is a very effective method for developing the skills of your team in the use of your business intelligence tools and machine learning!


Development of dashboards and of machine learning models

Accelerate the adoption of your new BI and analytics system with ready-to-go dashboards, machine learning models and extensive documentation.


“The implementation of Tableau dashboards in a couple of weeks allows us to have a relevant, interactive, and sharable overview of our company’s health on a daily basis.” 

Cédric Avert, Chief Operating Officer, Leguriviera