About us

At Argusa, our goal is to enable our clients to become truly data driven by creating and implementing forward-thinking data strategies and tailored coaching. We offer comprehensive solutions in Enterprise Analytics, Governance & Strategy, and Data Literacy to create a holistic data management ecosystem tailored to each business's unique needs.

Across industries, our diverse clients trust us to deliver more with less

Empowering companies

At Argusa, we enable companies to master their data landscape. From developing comprehensive data platforms and strategies to enhancing data literacy, our solutions are crafted to unlock critical insights, drive organizational growth, and streamline decision-making processes across all levels.

Our story

Founded in 2018, Argusa emerged from a dream to create a consultancy unlike any other. Inspired by Cédric's rich experiences, Argusa was shaped around the principles of trusted partnerships with clients and employees, a commitment to continual learning, and a culture of creativity and fun.

In just five years, this vision has flourished into a thriving reality. Growing robustly, our team has expanded to 11 members, each dedicated to excellence. Today, Argusa boasts three specialized service lines, making a significant impact across over nine industries in Switzerland.


Our Guiding Compass

Our Purpose

To increase our clients’ efficiency by demystifying and democratizing access to data driven decision making.

Our Mission

To accompany our clients towards the effective exploitation of their data, with tailor-made solutions and coaching.

Our Vision

To be a global leader in transforming data into strategic assets.

Our management team

Uniting Expertise and Creativity

Shaping Data Strategies, Crafting Tailored Solutions

Cédric Pompéï

CEO - Data Expert

Active in the field of data for more than 20 years and particularly in that of Business Intelligence. Cédric has reinforced his university course with an E-MBA from EPFL in order to better support companies in the transition to the data-driven enterprises of tomorrow.

“My goal is to increase the skills of our clients in the efficient and pragmatic use of their data”

Fatima Soomro

Head of Operations

Fatima leads the strategic planning and operational execution at Argusa, alongside providing consultancy on data projects.
Since joining Argusa in 2018, Fatima has accumulated nearly a decade of experience in data and BI consulting, her previous consulting role being at ELCA Informatique.
Before venturing into her career in data and BI in 2015, Fatima was a particle physicist at Imperial College London, where she obtained her PhD in 2011. She continued her research work at INFN and EPFL, and made notable contributions to fundamental physics analyses at CERN.

Luca Pescatore

Head of Technology

After completing his doctorate in physics in England, Luca worked at CERN on anomaly analysis. His skills led him to be chosen to coordinate a research group. Since 2019 Luca has dedicated himself to Business Intelligence. He is a certified Tableau, Snowflake and DataIku Expert and a AWS developer.

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