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Monitoring food safety


A small company in the field of food safety.


Albert is the CEO of a small company which does surveys to assess food safety KPIs for major food producers with the aim to improve processes. Albert needs a database to centralise the data of the surveys and dashboards to make the data available to his clients.

Projects and Results

Argusa's consultants developed in 18 days an architecture that allows the food companies to review and visualize their data. The solution included:

  • A database based on the Snowflake technology to centralise and histories the data

  • Loading flows implemented in Tableau Prep

  • 2 dashboards to present the data

  • Documentation to allow the client to independently maintain the solution


Tableau Desktop and Prep, Snowflake

Challenges solved

Each food company must see their data and also all other companies data to be able to compare its level with others. But they must not be able to identify other companies. Row Level Security was implemented to allow the wanted behaviour. This includes the ability for Albert to impersonate any of his clients in order to demo the product in front of them.

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