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  • joanammiguens

Dashboarding for project management


A large public institution with over 10000 employees.


Marisa is an analyst in charge of analysing the project budgets and expenditures for projects over all the company domains. Previously the monitoring was done in Excel and Marisa wants to use Tableau to simplify the workload to create the reports and at the same time allow more interactivity.


Team Argusa helped Marisa and developed a system that allows to quickly load the data and give to the users an interactive view. This includes:

  • Implementation of 5 data sources to consolidate about 30 underlying excel files.

  • Refactoring to move all calculations done in Excel into Tableau, to be able to automate the creation of the reports.

  • The solution also allows to retrieve historical views of data.

  • Creation of 12 dashboards to monitor evolution of costs and inventory, evolution of HR KPIs linked to procurement, various anomalies.


The reports creation that previously took one day every month now takes under an hour. In addition final users are able to drill down independently.


Tableau Desktop

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