Self-Service BI – The Myth and the Reality - DSC 2023

November 20, 2023 21:00
November 24, 2023 17:00
Belgrade - Serbia

What is the Data Science Conference

It's a conference designed to empower, inspire, and connect the brightest minds in AI & Data Science.

This event boasts a lineup of 70 thought-provoking AI & Data topics, bringing the latest advancements, emerging trends, and groundbreaking research.

Over it's duration there will be 300 hours of a high-quality programs, with opportunities to dive deep into a wide range of subjects, gaining valuable insights, practical skills, and strategies to excel in the world of data science.

Our talk at the conference

Fatima Soomro and Luca Pescatore are set to demystify "Self-service BI – The myth and the reality" at the Data Science Conference Europe 2023.

Their talk promises to be a deep dive into the evolution of data analysis, from humble spreadsheets to sophisticated 'data assets.'

They'll unravel the complexities behind creating effective self-service BI tools and their current impact in the industry.

Expect insightful discussions on the expectations, the process, and valuable lessons for the future of data tools.


Fatima Soomro
Head of Operations

Fatima Soomro brings a wealth of experience to her role as an instructor, with a background in operations leadership at Argusa and extensive expertise in data analytics. Her career includes consulting roles at ELCA Informatique and Argusa SA. Her academic background includes research in particle physics at the Imperial College London, EPFL and INFN, and notable contributions to high-profile analyses at CERN.

Her diverse experience, spanning academic research to practical data applications, equips her with a unique perspective on data's role in strategic decision-making and innovation.

Luca Pescatore
Head of Technology

Luca Pescatore is Argusa's Head of Technology, leveraging his deep expertise in data analytics and technology to drive strategic company initiatives. In his role at Argusa, Luca Pescatore, consults, administers IT infrastructure, and provides Tableau training. His expertise spans data modeling, analysis, and visualization, applied across diverse industries.

His background includes impactful research and data science work at CERN and teaching positions, showcasing a blend of academic excellence and practical industry application.


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