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An intensive 1-day course, composed of 5 modules, for managers who want to lead better with data.

This course is a unified tour of the data world – all five modules are interconnected, providing a holistic view of data's power in business.

Why Argusa ?

We don't just lead with experience; we innovate with technical and scientific rigor.


Since 2018, Argusa has pioneered data-driven solutions, delivering over 100 transformative projects across multiple industries. Our commitment to excellence has earned us the trust of our clients.


Beyond consultancy, we've empowered over 500 professionals with Tableau, enhancing their data literacy and decision-making capabilities.


Enroll now and discover why leading organizations choose Argusa for their data journey.

Is the Argusa Data School the right choice for you ?

Recognizing the pivotal role data plays in today's management decisions, Argusa Data School bridges the gap between data complexity and strategic leadership.


Unlike those of academic institutions, our curriculum is forged in the crucible of real-world consulting, offering a unique blend of practical expertise and cutting-edge theory.


Our courses are tailored for forward-thinking professionals, including managers and team leaders, who aim to leverage data for strategic advantage.

By focusing on real problems and solutions encountered in our extensive consulting practice, we ensure our participants gain hands-on skills that are immediately applicable in the workplace.


Ready to transform your data capabilities? Secure your spot today.

For Managers who want to lead better with data




  1. Why is it important?

  2. How is it relevant to real life?

Enterprise Data Strategy

  1. Data Governance, Quality, Security

  2. Data platforms

  3. Data “Roles” (tasks and competences when working with data)

Data Architecture and modelling

  1. Data Architecture and modelling (introduction)

  2. Data Modelling for analytics

  3. Data Historization and Data Lineage

Data Visualisation

  1. Why Visualize and which Visualization to use?

  2. What is dashboarding

  3. Visualization and Dashboarding best practices

Data Science / ML / AI

  1. Demystification

  2. Why? When? How?

  3. Best practices

Each section has 20 additional minutes for working on a canvas with a personal use case.


Meet The Instructors


Fatima Soomro

  • LinkedIn

Fatima Soomro brings a wealth of experience to her role as an instructor, with a background in operations leadership at Argusa and extensive expertise in data analytics.


Her career includes consulting roles at ELCA Informatique and Argusa SA. Her academic background includes research in particle physics at the Imperial College London,  EPFL and INFN, and notable contributions to high-profile analyses at CERN.


Her diverse experience, spanning academic research to practical data applications, equips her with a unique perspective on data's role in strategic decision-making and innovation.


Cédric Pompéï

  • LinkedIn

Cédric active in the world of Business Intelligence for over 25 years founded Argusa in June 2018.


He brings extensive leadership experience from previous roles, including Principal Consultant at Redsen Consulting, Managing Director at Datarest SA, Head of Business Intelligence Division at ELCA, and Business Unit Director at Sword.


His career showcases a deep commitment to driving innovation and excellence in data management and business intelligence, underpinned by a solid track record in managing and directing IT and consulting firms.


Luca Pescatore

  • LinkedIn

Luca Pescatore is Argusa's Head of Technology, leveraging his deep expertise in data analytics and technology to drive strategic company initiatives.


In his role at Argusa, Luca Pescatore, consults, administers IT infrastructure, and provides Tableau training. His expertise spans data modeling, analysis, and visualization, applied across diverse industries.


His background includes impactful research and data science work at CERN and teaching positions, showcasing a blend of academic excellence and practical industry application.

When: 25 April 2024, 8.30 am to 5.00 pm
Where: EPFL Innovation Park, Building F, Room Luna
Price: CHF 650.-

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