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Dashboarding for a Project Management Steering Committee


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Marie and Charlotte are Project Portfolio Managers for the IT division. Once a month they present a detailed report of the portfolio to the Steering Committee. They do this by pulling and extracting data from their Project Portfolio Management Tool and analyzing it in excel. The results are presented to the Committee in the form of a PowerPoint presentation with approximately 50 slides. The portfolio contains roughly 400 projects, and the presentation covers a wide range of topics, so putting together the report can take up to a month. Marie and Charlotte reach out to Team Argusa for help to optimize their workflow.


Team Argusa moved the analysis of the data, previously done in excel, to Tableau Desktop. Furthermore, instead of using stale data extractions, Team Argusa makes use of several existing Tableau data sources, plugged to the SAP HANA database of Marie and Charlotte’s Project Portfolio Management Tool. In less than 1 month and following one of the presentations to the Steering Committee, Team Argusa develops a collection of approximately 20 interactive Tableau dashboards, that present the same analysis and results usually shown to the Committee.

Before and After

Creating the Steering Committee reports previously took several weeks and the work had to be redone every month. Now Marie and Charlotte simply need to open the dashboards on Tableau Server at the time of the meeting and present the fresh data to the Committee in an interactive way.


Tableau Desktop, Tableau Server, SAP HANA

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