Argusa is a young consulting company, founded in Lausanne in 2018, that provides services in the domain of data management and exploitation. Argusa creates today the solutions for the challenges of tomorrow.

> Argusa's DNA

  • Mission: Democratize and demystify Business Intelligence, thanks to best-of-breed tools and tailored coaching.

  • Vision: guide organizations towards an efficient and productive use of their data.

  • Values: excellence, creativity, simplicity and friendliness.

> The guarantee of a quality service

  • Argusa is prepring its ISO 27001 certification, which includes ISO 9001 (the ability to deliver) as well as 16 additional international standards related to data management and security.

  • All Argusa employees are trained and certified on the various solutions offered. Depending on the solution, the certifications must be renewed every year or two.

  • Every month, Argusa employees share tips and solutions for issues often encountered during a company's BI process.

  • The sharing and conservation of expertise, skills and good practices within Argusa is ensured through the use of collaborative sharing tools.

  • Participation in events and conferences related to the field of data generates a culture of continuous improvement within the company and creates links in the community.

> Social and ecological responsibility

  • Argusa is committed to the well-being and protection of the physical and mental health of all employees at work, by planning for realistic workloads. Ergonomic equipment is used at the office and the workstation layout takes into account safety and comfort. Meals outside the office are provided.

  • Argusa is committed to the training of young graduates and their introduction into the job market.

  • Argusa promotes a culture of collaboration and sharing of experiences, which facilitates the integration of new employees and cultivates team spirit.

  • Team Argusa identifies and measures progress frequently. Its internal processes are continuously reviewed and improved.

  • Argusa is working to reduce operating costs, waste and direct and indirect environmental impact. Argusa encourages the preservation of natural resources as well. The team is moving towards using less paper, reducing printing, shutting down devices and removing all unnecessary consumption.

  • Teleworking is allowed and encouraged at Argusa. Travel is limited and sustainable means of transportation are preferred.

> Gender equity at work

  • Having a mixed and diverse team, with 6 nationalities represented among its employees, Argusa promotes professional equality, encourages actions in favor of diversity, acts to prevent the risk of exclusion and fights against all forms of discrimination.

  • Each employee is paid according to their years of experience and expertise, and Argusa is committed to equal pay.

  • The leadership of Data + Women Romandie , a community that promotes the success of women working with data, is ensured by Argusa employees, who organize meetups and events in French-speaking Switzerland.